Rock-solid systems built on real-world experience.

My goal is to help provide efficient technical operations for businesses of all sizes by utilizing the skills I have developed over the past 10 years, ranging from front-line customer support to systems administration to automation and process improvements that have saved thousands of man-hours. My experience demonstrates a proven ability to mentor peers and customers while ensuring systems' security, performance, and availability.

I'm Justin, a professional Linux geek and seasoned Sysadmin

Over 8 years of Linux System Administration experience has helped me build the skills necessary to manage diverse needs in challenging, fast-paced environments. As a self-driven, friendly, and energetic professional with remarkable communication and customer service skills, I am dedicated to solving problems through regular, iterative improvements using free/libre and open-source software. My proven ability to mentor peers and clients while engineering and administering complex information systems has been demonstrated most recently through the launch of the social media site Sondry. My passion for learning and trying new things is matched only by my love of comedy and live music.

Server Administration

Extensive experience managing mission-critical systems in complex and ever-changing environments. Solid TCP/IP networking fundamentals. Comfortable with a variety of Linux distributions, including: Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, and Gentoo/Funtoo.

System Automation

Repetition quickly becomes mind-numbing, and manual tasks do not scale well. In keeping with the philosophy that "the best system administrators are lazy," I automate routine tasks using a combination of Bash, Python, and Perl scripts executed by cron, Ansible, and/or Puppet.

Virtualization and Cloud

In addition to managing systems backed by Xen, KVM, and LXC with tools such as Docker, Vagrant, Ganeti, ProxMox, and VirtualBox, I have also worked with multiple cloud computing providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

-Lao Tzu

My Skills

I have been working with computers professionally for over 10 years, and more than 8 of those years have focused primarily on Linux and FLOSS.

Administration Skills

90% Complete
55% Complete
Web Servers
75% Complete
80% Complete
60% Complete
85% Complete
60% Complete

Programming Skills

85% Complete
60% Complete
75% Complete
50% Complete
30% Complete

Professional Experience

Oct 2014
  • Whatever needs to be done at Sondry
  • | Seattle, WA
  • 10/2014 - Present

Apr 2013
  • Linux Systems Administrator at Accretive Technology Group
  • | Seattle, WA
  • 04/2013 - 03/2014

Dec 2012
Jan 2012
Aug 2009
Oct 2005
  • Systems Administrator at ePrize
  • | Pleasant Ridge, MI
  • 10/2005 - 04/2009